Springboards to an Organized Home Office

Key-West-CROP2Furniture to Help You Spring Clean while Saving Green

Maintaining an organized home office is hard work. If you’re not careful, the papers pile up everywhere just to be knocked over by the cat or your kids. Important work documents get mixed in with junk mail, bills, homework and art projects you never have time to put away.

Whether you use your home office 40 hours a week or just to surf the net and hide paperwork, it’s time to spring into action and clear your workspace from clutter and stress. Furniture has come a long way on style without sacrificing functionality, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price tags.

The first step to organizing your home office is actually having one. Your couch or kitchen table should not be confused with an office desk. Remote workers in particular need a dedicated home office that’s not where they eat breakfast or take a nap.

Short on space? No problem. With versatile storage and work surface varieties, the Key West Collection  fits almost anywhere while providing plenty of options for staying organized. The natural, easy-living style of Key West creates a relaxed atmosphere for a stress-free home office.

If you plan to set up a laptop, monitor, printer, phone or any other electronics, you’ll want a surface with cable management. Feed wires right through the surface to keep them organized and out of your way.

Once you have your office desk set up, you’ll enjoy the conveniences of a dedicated workspace and probably get a lot more done.shutterstock_151162832


It doesn’t matter how many papers are piled on your desk; you’re not letting a heavy, ugly metal cabinet cramp your style.

Thankfully, file cabinets don’t have to be bulky, dull or even stationary for that matter. This kathy ireland® Office by Bush Furniture Ironworks Mobile Pedestal stores letter and legal-sized files while catering to your rustic tastes. Drawers open on smooth ball-bearing slides for an easy reach to contents.

The mobile file cabinet complements the matching desk and rolls right underneath.

For a contemporary look with a space-saving design, try this stable but stylish Broadview White Desk with Organizer, Pedestal and File Cabinet. The attractive Satin Chrome hardware and Pure White finish complement a variety of home interiors, while the office furniture set handles all of your filing needs.


Find a place for your books, binders and decorative items of all sizes by adding a bookcase with adjustable shelves to your home office. Try a 72 inch 5 Shelf Bookcase to really cut down on clutter. Three adjustable shelves allow you to store and display a variety of office supplies, bins or even plants. Order two or three to create a storage wall.

If your workspace is really just a desk at the edge of your living room, consider adding a room divider. This 16 Cube Bookcase from kathy ireland Office® by Bush Furniture separates your home office from your living space while adding an ample amount of storage with contemporary flair.

With all the time you’ll save by having an organized home office, you can enjoy stepping away from your work area more often. When you sit back down, you’ll know just where to find all of your most important items and paperwork without having to dig through old notes and junk mail.

You’ll love the stress-free feeling of an organized workspace, with a place for everything and everything in place.

Springboards to an Organized Home Office

Introducing the Yorktown Collection

Research suggests peoples’ environments directly correlate to what they think and how they feel every day. Creating a productive, happy, comfortable space often comes from your furniture choices and organization. In Chinese philosophy this concept is called feng shui, or how energy flows. Taking feng shui into account involves considering how furniture placement relates to doors and windows to establish that flow.

Maybe you’re hearing all of this and dreaming about a beautiful and functional place were you can work at home, but you don’t want to compromise space or your home’s ambiance. Yorktown Corner DeskFortunately, there’s a way to achieve a sense of balance and completeness in your living area: Bush Furniture introduces the Yorktown collection, a new furniture family with a Craftsman feel to help you create the office you’ve been dreaming about.

Yorktown pieces all come in an Antique Cherry finish and have a naturally distressed look to appear well worn. This effect automatically gives furniture a homier feel. The dark finish also blends in with deep and neutral tones so it is especially easy to pair with existing furniture.

Do you lack a designated office space at home? Don’t worry. The Yorktown Collection gives you the option of a Single Pedestal Desk, Corner Desk, or L-Desk so you can pick the configuration that will work best for you.

Additionally, this collection helps you improve your home organization methods. All Yorktown Desks have open and closed storage for you to keep supplies and papers exactly where you want them. The collection is also quite versatile, so the accompanying Lateral File and Bookcase both serve as standalone storage options or pair perfectly with a Desk and Hutch.

Discover home office furniture that encompasses a sense of comfort with clean lines and contemporary features. With the appeal of craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next, you can start your own tradition with the Yorktown collection. Learn more here on our website, and visit www.bushfurniture.com to view all our products.

Yorktown L-Desk

Introducing the Yorktown Collection

Sparkling White

Sometimes there’s just nothing like the feeling of drifting off to sleep cuddled amongst white, clean sheets! Or walking into a room that has a striking white piece of furniture in it to immediately catch your eye…right? White is incredibly popular when it comes to decorating living spaces, but how come?

Many people might associate white furniture in their home with purity, innocence, cleanliness, or clarity. Others may view it as stark and shocking. For a lot of reasons, white furniture hypothetically goes with everything. According to the laws of physics, white light incorporates all the colors of the rainbow. (Black, its contrast, is actually the complete absence of color.) Therefore, white can coordinate with all warm and cool colors depending on its shade and quantity in the room. That’s why people probably feel comfortable strategically choosing a piece of white furniture in their home.

I rented a place once that had what I’m still convinced is the world’s most comfortable white couch. Dear Reader, if you have ever had a white couch or known someone that has had a white couch, you may have just experienced a sharp intake of breath combined with a panicked thought of “Oh no, oh no, oh no, did I just spill something?!” Believe me, there were some VERY near misses, but we managed to keep the couch completely stain-free for a whole year. Bit of a balancing act, really…

Dancing Sheep…I digress. My roommate and I loved our white couch because it was the most neutral piece of furniture in the room and allowed us to put a variety of brightly colored artwork up on the walls. Simultaneously, it brought character to the space. In fact, my ultimate success with white furniture the first time makes me want to purchase it in the future!

If you’re looking to redecorate your home or are moving in somewhere for the first time, Bush Furniture can help you out no matter where you’re headed. We have a variety of furniture in white, including the Kathy Ireland New York Skyline Collection for a crisp and modern approach to home office furniture. Our Aero Collection also has a variety of storage options in white if you’re looking for a way to stay organized.

Maybe all of this sounds great, and you’d like to spruce up your business office with white furniture. Start here with the Momentum Collection by Bush Business Furniture so you can feel comfortable and productive in your work environment.

Have we helped you with some design ideas? Why do you like incorporating white into your home décor? Share with us in this blog’s comments!

Sparkling White