Avoid Dorm Room Disasters with Storage for Small Spaces


The summer is flying by with graduation parties, a part-time job and preparing to head off to college in just a few short weeks.

If you’re moving into a dorm, you’ll have a few basic furniture pieces when you arrive. However, you have a ton of stuff to display and store but not much space for it all. Just think of those books, folders, papers and electronics you need for class. Plus, you have to make the dorm feel like home with your favorite photos and possessions on display.

So rather than hiding stuff under the bed and tossing files on the floor by your chair, keep your roommate happy and plan to bring some extra storage along. These bookcases, storage areas and contemporary small desks take up very little room but still offer enough space to keep you organized between classes.

Here are a few of our favorite college furniture finds.

The Bush Furniture Cabot 6 Cube Bookcase provides a half-dozen storage cubbies in a compact package, spanning just 31 inches in width and a depth of 12 inches. The Espresso Oak, Harvest Cherry and Heather Gray finishes will work well in your dorm and could even look sharp in your first home or apartment a few years from now.

Set up the Bush Furniture Buena Vista Laptop End Table next to the bed and work in comfort with everything you need by your side. Rest your tablet or laptop on the pull-out shelf, or stash them in the storage and charging area. Open up the front of the storage compartment without having to move your lamp or picture frame from the back of the table top. Conceal cables and enjoy easy access to outlets while placing a printer, storage bin or even late-night snacks on the sturdy bottom shelf.

Add a stylish storage solution to your room with the clever and compact Bush Furniture Alamosa Ladder Bookcase. Display photos, books and knickknacks of all shapes and sizes on the four shelves. The Classic Black finish works well anywhere – from dorm rooms to first homes. Lean the Ladder Bookcase against the wall and get organized without taking up much room.

Brighten up your dorm room with the Bush Furniture Vantage Corner Desk.

Brighten up your dorm room with the Bush Furniture Vantage Corner Desk in Pure White. The small desk features plenty of storage but also has a space-saving design, allowing it to fit comfortably even in a tiny room or apartment. Organize your workspace with three drawers, an open cubby shelf and vertical closed storage space so you never lose track of your notes, assignments or books.

For more furniture finds from TV stands to coffee tables and desks, visit bushfurniture.com/collegefurniturefinds.

Avoid Dorm Room Disasters with Storage for Small Spaces

No More Apartment Apathy!

Recently, we wrote a post about decorating your college dorm, and how formative that part of life is throughout your college career. If living in a dorm is a coming of age moment, shutterstock_76358908however, I would argue that transitioning from that dorm into your first apartment is even more of a foray into adult life than living in the dorms is.

In the dorms, there are still some things that are closely regulated by your RA…like when quiet hours occur, whether or not you can have candles or even Christmas lights in your room, and being reprimanded for boiling water on your small coffee maker because you aren’t allowed a hot plate. Apartments, at least in my experience, are a completely different story. Without as many rules and regulations, college students are thrust into a brave, new, exciting, and simultaneously scary way of life. When I signed my first lease, I was barely nineteen and very nervous to be signing my life away/ensuring I could pay rent for the coming year. However, it worked out and suddenly I had two beautiful roommates, a large room, new bed, and a whole lot of decorating to do!

shutterstock_270871793Even as an apartment newbie, I desperately wanted my apartment to look good. This was in contrast to some of my peers, who often had a general sense of apathy about what their living spaces looked like. Maybe their philosophy was that they wouldn’t be living there for that long, it took too much time to put some effort into decorating (even cleaning, in some instances), or maybe they just weren’t into posters. shutterstock_287373770While first apartments often contain a lot of mismatched plates, secondhand couches, and artwork displaying celebrities in your favorite movies, whatever you add I think it’s important to put some effort in and make the new space your own. Don’t forget your favorite chachkies!

Here at Bush Furniture, we’d like to help you design and enjoy your first apartment. Maybe you’d like your apartment to be a warm, inviting atmosphere with a modern flair. If you need some extra storage space in any room or are running low on closets, check out the Buena Vista 2-Door Tall Storage Unit. You can store your towels, put off-season clothes away, or keep books and papers inside that you hope to keep out of sight:BV 2-Door Tall StorageFor a home ambiance with traditional appeal, try the Cabot L-Desk and Hutch that will help you establish a place to get your work done and organize all your files.

Cabot Collection

Finally, if you have a more contemporary style and are planning to set up a home office in your apartment, the Aero Writing Desk puts a sleek aesthetic face to hard work. It can also double as a convenient surface for you and your roommates to put the mail or set things down when you first get home.

Aero Writing Desk

A little effort can go a long way in making your first apartment feel homey and comfortable, whether you’re studying alone or have friends that come to hang out. If this blog leaves you feeling inspired, check out our Pinterest Board for some more ideas about first apartment organization! Do you have any decorating tips of your own? Share with us in the comments section below!

No More Apartment Apathy!

Sparkling White

Sometimes there’s just nothing like the feeling of drifting off to sleep cuddled amongst white, clean sheets! Or walking into a room that has a striking white piece of furniture in it to immediately catch your eye…right? White is incredibly popular when it comes to decorating living spaces, but how come?

Many people might associate white furniture in their home with purity, innocence, cleanliness, or clarity. Others may view it as stark and shocking. For a lot of reasons, white furniture hypothetically goes with everything. According to the laws of physics, white light incorporates all the colors of the rainbow. (Black, its contrast, is actually the complete absence of color.) Therefore, white can coordinate with all warm and cool colors depending on its shade and quantity in the room. That’s why people probably feel comfortable strategically choosing a piece of white furniture in their home.

I rented a place once that had what I’m still convinced is the world’s most comfortable white couch. Dear Reader, if you have ever had a white couch or known someone that has had a white couch, you may have just experienced a sharp intake of breath combined with a panicked thought of “Oh no, oh no, oh no, did I just spill something?!” Believe me, there were some VERY near misses, but we managed to keep the couch completely stain-free for a whole year. Bit of a balancing act, really…

Dancing Sheep…I digress. My roommate and I loved our white couch because it was the most neutral piece of furniture in the room and allowed us to put a variety of brightly colored artwork up on the walls. Simultaneously, it brought character to the space. In fact, my ultimate success with white furniture the first time makes me want to purchase it in the future!

If you’re looking to redecorate your home or are moving in somewhere for the first time, Bush Furniture can help you out no matter where you’re headed. We have a variety of furniture in white, including the Kathy Ireland New York Skyline Collection for a crisp and modern approach to home office furniture. Our Aero Collection also has a variety of storage options in white if you’re looking for a way to stay organized.

Maybe all of this sounds great, and you’d like to spruce up your business office with white furniture. Start here with the Momentum Collection by Bush Business Furniture so you can feel comfortable and productive in your work environment.

Have we helped you with some design ideas? Why do you like incorporating white into your home décor? Share with us in this blog’s comments!

Sparkling White


Today, we are surrounded by high-end technology: our phones have become computers at our fingertips, our computers sleeker and faster than anyone could have dreamed twenty years ago, touch screens are works of art, and now even televisions can understand your voice.  Sometimes all this innovation is wonderful, others times it’s completely overwhelming.

No matter how much new technology we have, we still need a place to put it.  Often, it’s a challenge to seamlessly integrate technology into a living space.  In the 90s, many entertainment centers end up looking boxy and bare with wires everywhere.  Others were flowery and overdone, some a second mantelpiece.  And don’t forget, large VCRs and gaming systems need to go somewhere as well.

Fast forward to 2015: furniture has evolved as technology has.  Now, a variety of media options can exist for your home without detracting from your matching couch, chairs, and table you worked so hard to coordinate.  Bush Furniture wants to help you complete this goal, especially in the Buena Vista Collection.

Being unobtrusive is key: the Buena Vista TV Stand holds up to a 50”/112 lbs. television and comes in warm Madison Cherry and Serene Cherry finishes, so you can pair it perfectly with other home furniture.  Keep your media players behind low fluted glass cabinet doors, making them easily accessible and visually pleasing.

2 TV stands_branded

Additionally, audio-centric media has taken great steps forward.  The collection has an Audio Cabinet/Bookcase that makes a great addition to your living space as well.  Records have come back into style, primarily because they are vintage and produce incredible sound quality.  This cabinet is an ideal place to store vinyl albums because its shelves are adjustable to accommodate oversized objects.  Then your record player fits conveniently on the cabinet top.

Buena-Vista-MSC-audio cabinet_branded

One of the major features of 21st-century technology is portability.  Tablets and laptops are always becoming lighter and more efficient.  Bush Furniture designed a Laptop End Table to help you use technology in your living space without clutter or unnecessary wires.  The tabletop is hinged and opens up to a storage compartment, so you can access your technology when you need it and put it away when you don’t.

Buena-Vista-MSC-laptop end table_branded

Thanks for stopping by here at Bush Furniture.  We’re powering down for now, but stay tuned for a new blog post soon!  In the meantime, let us know if the Buena Vista Collection solved your technology woes!


Paper Problems

I remember having papers everywhere in our house when I was younger, or so it seemed.  Amongst all the mail, newspapers, and magazines, everything had its place…except that place was never very organized.

For years, I never actively contemplated a solution to “the paper problem.”  I soon had my own place to live and pieces of paper that I didn’t know how to handle.  I would even temporarily hide the offending material in my bedroom when guests came over, then promptly return it to its former location after they left.  One of my friends ultimately caught me in the act, and amidst my guilt she helped me realize it was time to change my habits around.

Thus began the furniture search.  I always thought filing cabinets were unattractive metal cases ant took fifty people to move them.  Durable as they were, that was not my style.  I needed something attractive, inside and out, that would entice me to use it.  After desperately scouring the internet for storage options that were either not made of ultra-durable plastic or looked like they walked straight out of the 70s, I struck gold: Bush Furniture’s Buena Vista Collection!

First, I needed something strong to hold my massive amounts of paper.  The Buena Vista Lateral File was the ideal, logical solution to that problem.  It has two large file drawers that hold up to letter- and legal-sized paper, so I could file things no matter what size they were.  In the Madison Cherry finish, it’s also a visually appealing addition in my living room.


Once I got my filing in order, organization and home décor suddenly became my side project.  I wanted another place to put books and even display some photos, because my bookcase had fallen apart years ago.  The Buena Vista 6-Cube Storage was clearly the best decision; without taking up too much space, I had a beautiful way to showcase both my books and memories.


And, after all of that, I took a big step and bought the Buena Vista Writing Desk.  By then, I was so organized I became fearless!  I knew I could keep a desk clean if I kept my mind to it.  This desk is particularly sleek and stunning, motivating me to use it often as well.

Buena-Vista-writing desk_branded

With some simple furniture changes, I turned my life around.  You, too, can become clutter-free with Bush Furniture.  Tell us how the Buena Vista Collection solved your paper problems and organization issues!

Paper Problems

Tips To Make You Love Your Office

Hello, welcome back. Now everyone understands there are limitations to simply using what‘s available or making do with what you have today. It’s time to think about your future and how you can master the basics to being productive and happy in your office space. Don’t let work become a job. Make your office into a place you love coming to each and every morning. Here are a few helpful storage tips to building a long term relationship with your workspace.

How do you work?
Your productivity and motivation can suffer when important information cannot be found. Stop saying “Where did I put that report, it was just here”. It’s hard to place “create a tidy work space” on the top of your priority list, but do it now and do it first. Make an outline of the types of materials you use daily and some of the routine parts of your job. Do you keep files online or do you need to reference printed reports? Do you want to maintain a library of published professional research or do you need a room divider to create privacy for your office?

Be Organized
Once you analyze how you work, we can help you with storage solutions. Grand Expression Mobile Pedestal provides you with drawer storage and file space, while fitting under your desk surface.KI Grand Expressions_KI20112-03

Another option is the Achieve Collection Lateral File Printer Stand storage which helps keep you organized with work in progress compartments, space for books, plus offers an integrated file drawer to store your project folders in when you’re done. Place your printer or fax on top of the work surface and you’ve combined three types of storage into one very functional piece of furniture.Achieve Collection_branded

If one file drawer won’t provide you enough storage space, consider the Cabot Lateral FileIt has ample storage to keep your work surface clutter free as you get started in creating an organized office. ewr

Check out the Aero 16-Cube Bookcase/Room Divider for a movable furniture solution to create privacy in a home office that is connected to open living spaces. Aero Collection_MY16103-03

Now click on Think Storage.  Discover the wonderful world of Filing to learn more about the different types of furniture and storage components that can help you to get organized.

Now that you have some good ideas on how to keep your office neat and organized, next time we’ll focus on why comfort matters.

Tips To Make You Love Your Office

Are You Hiding Your Home Office?

You’re not sure when you actually crossed the line, but last Saturday night’s dinner party stopped you cold in your tracks. Up until then, you had liked your husband’s co-worker’s wife Amanda. She was friendly and quick to help clear the dinner table, but then she was relentless questioning you on how it was it to work from home? Was it hard to separate your work life from your personal life? Where was your office?

And then, her inquisitive nature took over as she reached for the door handle to the spare room, innocently asking “Is this your office?” At that point, it all became a blur. You swiftly jumped in front of the door, resembling a fierce NHL linesman as you checked her frail physique into the living room. Wide-eyed and stunned, you nervously helped her up and stated “I just keep the door closed when I’m not working”. The evening went on without a hitch, but you knew. Deep down inside you were ashamed of your office and the time had come to do something about your problem.

We’ve all made the best of what ‘s available in creating a make-shift office. Once I named it professional “multitasking” as I set-up my laptop on one end of the ping-pong table, with an area for folding laundry on the other. It may have worked in the pre and post college days, but not anymore. There are great home office solutions right under your nose, simply type Bush Furniture into your search window and your days of hiding your office will be over. Without leaving the home page you can scroll down through a few of our top selling home office furniture collections.

Take a quick look and get a feel for your style. If you like sleek and thin with a modern flair, the Aero Collection is as stylish as it is functional, wood framed doors and tasteful embellishments complement home offices, dens, or great rooms.


Whether you make a buying decision based upon craftsmanship and a distinctive look, the Buena Vista Collection brings subtle touches to your home. Accented by aged, bronzed-metal hardware, its smart, contemporary styling stands out in any room of your home.


And in the end, you may be in search for a comfortable fit for your home, the Cabot Collection’s understated elegance and simple styling makes a fashionable statement. Its classic look works beautifully to transform any room, anywhere.


Then, if you’re fully committed to designing a home office that integrates your work-life balance, in addition to accenting your home décor’ take the next step by checking out the Kathy Ireland Collection.

Pic4If you job has moved onto the right track, take a career jump into our Professional Collections here.


The sky is the limit at Bush Furniture, whether you want your furniture directly shipped to your home, or need a complete delivery and installation service solution. It’s our job to keep you working – comfortably!

Now, you’re well on you way to being confident with your work at home image and environment. Take a look at Bush’s office furniture collections to get a feel for your style. I’ll be back in my next post to tell you more about “Tips To Make You Love Your Office”. And by the way, welcome to the Bush online shopping experience where buying your next home office is fast, easy and affordable.

Are You Hiding Your Home Office?

Welcome to the new Bush Furniture blog!

According to Forbes magazine, in 2013 one in five (or approximately 30 million) Americans were working from home at least once a week. That number is expected to increase by 63% over the subsequent 5 years. Many who work from home or telework have an entire room in their homes dedicated to their home office, while others share their office space with a study, guest room, dining or the like.

Here’s what we think are the 3 most important steps to setting up the ideal home office space.

Step One– selecting furniture. The right office furniture is very important. It allows you to showcase your style and helps ensure a productive work environment . You need to select a desk and storage pieces that compliment the work you’ll be doing, your personality and style, and the room it’s in. Bush Furniture has more than 10 collections that are ANSI SOHO certified for you to choose from for your home office. This includes our Cabot Collection, which is our #1 online seller. It’s wide selection includes: desks, hutches, lateral file, and bookcases. This means you can furnish an entire in home office, or that corner of your guest room easily and affordably! Remember your office furniture should work with you, not against you.

Step Two – staying organized. Working in a well organized environment means you’ll work more efficiently and you’ll be better prepared. In turn you’ll feel happier about getting work done. Bush Furniture’s ANSI SOHO collections provide you with integrated technology for charging and storage of personal electronics, ample store compartments to help keep work surfaces clutter-free, file drawers that accommodate letter-,legal-, and A4-sized files and wire management.

Step Three – making your workspace your own. There are many ways to personalize your home office. Whether it’s hanging your degrees, accomplishments or state required documents, or by adding a personal touch like hanging a picture of family and friends or a small plant/vase of flowers. Just remember that first and foremost, this is your workspace. So these personal touches should not distract or take over that clean work space you made my keeping your office supplies and work paperwork organized!
Be sure to check out our Pinterest Boards for more tips and tricks on good ways to stay organized, and make your work your space your own.

Check back soon, because our next blog post will help you confront “Why You are Hiding Your Home Office”.

Welcome to the new Bush Furniture blog!