Inner Tech: Me and My Aero

CaptureYou know how a melody gets stuck in your head? Well, as I started to organize the components of my new media center I kept singing “Wherever we go, everyone knows- It’s me and my arrow.” It had been years since I heard this song from the fable “The Point” by American songwriter and musician Harry Nilsson about a boy named Oblio. He was the only round-headed person in the Pointed Village, where by law everyone and everything must have a point.

Having grown up with this animated movie with Ringo Starr narrating the Father’s voice, I was reminded of my early years of being a geek and not fitting in with the 70’s movement.  It wasn’t until 1977 with the release of “Star Wars” that I finally felt at home with my surround sound system, characterized by a sweet spot where the audio effects work best.  Yes, this was the moment in time that I heard the voice of my inner tech and knew from that point on everything in my life had to nourish my technical sensibilities.

Today I am still every bit the geek that I was back then, but now geeks are cool. As a seasoned marketing specialist, I get plenty of technical challenges every day and work in a world filled with resolving issues with the IT department. So I’ve decided to create a media oasis in my home where I can work remotely, as well as enjoy the pleasures of Netflix, iTunes and Hulu.

Aero-BLK-16_brandedI was happy to discover a sleek design and roomy work surface with the Bush Furniture Aero Collection Sofa Table/Writing Desk in classic black as the foundation of my home office. Its durable gray tinted-glass top fits my tech décor with a spacious bottom shelf that can store more. The desk provides the perfect amount of space for work, and its small footprint allows flexibility if I want to rearrange.  The rounded quarter-turned legs are strikingly stylish and match the design of the Aero Collection’s most brilliant contribution to home entertainment – the Aero TV Stand.

First and foremost, it’s the perfect size for my 60-inch flat screen TV. The top open compartment offers functional space for my Apple TV and sound bar, plus the side cabinets have adjustable shelves for my numerous vintage gaming systems. Some things, like the Nintendo 64, are just too good to ever let go. The tinted glass doors keep everything out of sight and the wire management zip-ties neatly align my cables and keep the controllers organized.

I completed my media wall by adding a 2-Door Media Library Storage cabinet to the left to store my DVD’s and games, with a matching cabinet on the right to store my CD music collection. The Coffee Table fits just right in front of my well-worn sofa and provides a seamless style throughout. It’s my favorite place for work and play.


This is a great solution for today’s generation of young, social, tech-savvy individuals. Sure, there have been surveys and studies and focus groups conducted on trying to understand their needs and desires, but this is what they truly want.  As I kick back with my new Aero Collection media center and home office from Bush Furniture, I figure once a geek always a geek. It’s time to turn off the lights, turn up the sound and watch “The Point,” which I found on Google and streamed directly to my TV. Oh, the joys of technology – “Me and my Aero.”

Inner Tech: Me and My Aero

What Happened in Vegas…?

…From our perspective, a lot. And, for once, we’d like to tell you about it!


T~1217908he Las Vegas World Market occurs twice a year, in January and August. This trade show is a prime opportunity for Bush Furniture to showcase its products, facilitate company growth, and gauge what direction to take regarding sales and new products going forward. This is an exciting time for our staff as we have face-to-face conversations with dealers and customers about our products and get to interact on such an immediate basis.

This year, our showroom moved to a new location! Our crew worked very hard to prepare our beautiful new and slightly smaller space when they arrived in Las Vegas in late July. Connie Marucci, a Bush E-Commerce Account Manager, stated, “The new showroom was certainly received well by all. The smaller footprint allowed us to focus on the new products and concepts, with less footsteps giving us more time to discuss and develop growth opportunities.” Mark Weppner, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Design, and Engineering was also very impressed with how the new showroom came together and was optimistic about how it would effect Bush Furniture’s show presence going forward.


One of the most fun parts of our show is showcasing several of our new product collections!

The Broadview Collection combines pieces for living spaces and home offices
in one inviting, comfortable collection.


In an old-world style with endless charm and function, the
Yorktown Collection is the perfect choice for a new home workspace.


With an Arts and Crafts influence, the Prairie Collection captures the Midwestern openness and attitude with convenient storage and ample work surface options.


Ironworks is uniquely defined by iron legs and a wood-worn look.


Although the Las Vegas World Market Show is primarily where we showcase our home furniture products, this year we were so excited about some new Bush Business Furniture items we just had to bring them along! Our new line, Series C Elite, is highly functional and can be configured for a variety of office spaces depending on the user’s specific needs. Further, we’ve designed Height Adjustable Tables for an even more comfortable and ergonomic work experience. You can shop both of these collections and so much more at Bush Business Furniture’s website.

IMG_0765   IMG_0759

Congratulations to this year’s Apple Gift Card winner! Jim Solomon participated in our contest this Market and was awarded $600 towards an Apple Watch or other Apple product of choice. Jim’s company, Solomon Furniture, is an existing Bush customer, and we are very pleased to announce him as our winner!

Thank you for stopping by this virtual excerpt of our new showroom debut at the Las Vegas World Market. Hope to see you at the next show!


What Happened in Vegas…?

Dorm Décor

We had to start living on our own somehow, and the dorm was it. I know what you’re thinking when you hear me say those words: terrible roommate, infinitesimal living quarters, communal bathroom, and possibly party central. I was fortunate to experience only the communal bathroom, which was not actually that bad (and had really good water pressure in the showers.)

It’s funny how places like that make you function. Mine was two things for me: a place to get some sleep (once and a great while, if I was lucky enough) and a refuge when school got too overwhelming. It was the place from which my adult existence stemmed, and where I feel I really started to learn about myself as a person. Quite importantly, I did not do this alone; my room came equipped with a wonderful roommate – Roomie #1, as I called her. She was one of the greatest parts of living in the dorms, and we ended up living together three out of four years in college.

Our decently sized room was a perfect starting place…for college, for adult life, and for our friendship. It had everything two freshmen needed, with an elevator right outside our door to the left, a laundry room to the right, dining hall downstairs (we could go in our pajamas!) and a bathroom just around the corner in the hallway. If you think about the mechanics of all of this, we subsisted together in just one room and, save a couple small disagreements, really loved our time there. Although we had a large room by comparison to many dorms, space was occasionally a little tight. Despite that, we decorated freely with posters on the walls and fairy lights hung around the large window.BV Laptop End Table Detail

We never worried about was our desks; they were provided for us. We had the option to buy a hutch for them, but my parents made me one instead for a fraction of the cost. However, even now as I work at a furniture company I realize not every school may provide their students with optimal furniture choices so they can work well. If you’re getting ready to make the move to a dorm or are planning on helping someone else, consider a Buena Vista Laptop End Table or the Wheaton Corner Desk that both fit perfectly and economically into small spaces. Even in dorms, “stuff” can accumulate very quickly: let our furniture help you out.

Wheaton Corner DeskYears later, I’m proud to say we decorated well in our dorm room. That was a formative year, and we did it right. I can’t believe so much time has passed from the day we first moved in – it was seven years ago, now – but decorating that space was the springboard for apartments to come. Check back soon for the second installment: transitioning from dorms to apartments!

Dorm Décor

Turn Work into Fun in your Beach House or Sunroom

Office furniture needs may change based on climate, the beach house in question, and even the unexpected effects that sunny weather can have on your ability to concentrate.  Since we’re in the throes of summer right now, it’s the perfect time to discuss two of our desks that would make a perfect addition to your beach house or sunroom. Whether you are trying to set up a large or small office space, we can help you find a way to work comfortably throughout the summer months and still have a great space to enjoy a colorful umbrella in your happy hour refreshment, once you’ve finished your last conference.


The Fairview Desk blends perfectly with an accompanying Lateral File and provides just the right amount of workspace for your beach house office. The L-Desk has a flip down door for a computer keyboard or additional storage, a Two-Drawer Pedestal with additional open storage, and a cabinet on the left for a computer tower or wastebasket. The white cottage-style Lateral File offers plenty of space to keep important documents close at hand and makes a great buffet server for appetizers as the sun sets.

Bemus Sunset_7.6.15_JW

Maybe you really love the clean, white appearance of this set but are constrained by space or simply do not need as large of a work surface.


In that case, the Salinas Desk and Hutch are perfect for small office areas. In a Mission style, this piece also offers a very summery feel. The tray underneath the desk can store a computer keyboard or laptop computer, leaving the surface free of any evidence of your day job. Finally, the Hutch has ample open storage for great books to read over the summer, space to write postcards to family and friends, and photographs of the memories you’ve captured at your beach house.

We know you’re trying to take it easy this Sanibel Beachsummer, but if you need to briefly accomplish some things or simply pay a few bills these desk sets are a beautiful and functional addition to any summer space. Enjoy decorating your beach house or sunroom, and then go outside and soak up the warmth!

Turn Work into Fun in your Beach House or Sunroom


Today, we are surrounded by high-end technology: our phones have become computers at our fingertips, our computers sleeker and faster than anyone could have dreamed twenty years ago, touch screens are works of art, and now even televisions can understand your voice.  Sometimes all this innovation is wonderful, others times it’s completely overwhelming.

No matter how much new technology we have, we still need a place to put it.  Often, it’s a challenge to seamlessly integrate technology into a living space.  In the 90s, many entertainment centers end up looking boxy and bare with wires everywhere.  Others were flowery and overdone, some a second mantelpiece.  And don’t forget, large VCRs and gaming systems need to go somewhere as well.

Fast forward to 2015: furniture has evolved as technology has.  Now, a variety of media options can exist for your home without detracting from your matching couch, chairs, and table you worked so hard to coordinate.  Bush Furniture wants to help you complete this goal, especially in the Buena Vista Collection.

Being unobtrusive is key: the Buena Vista TV Stand holds up to a 50”/112 lbs. television and comes in warm Madison Cherry and Serene Cherry finishes, so you can pair it perfectly with other home furniture.  Keep your media players behind low fluted glass cabinet doors, making them easily accessible and visually pleasing.

2 TV stands_branded

Additionally, audio-centric media has taken great steps forward.  The collection has an Audio Cabinet/Bookcase that makes a great addition to your living space as well.  Records have come back into style, primarily because they are vintage and produce incredible sound quality.  This cabinet is an ideal place to store vinyl albums because its shelves are adjustable to accommodate oversized objects.  Then your record player fits conveniently on the cabinet top.

Buena-Vista-MSC-audio cabinet_branded

One of the major features of 21st-century technology is portability.  Tablets and laptops are always becoming lighter and more efficient.  Bush Furniture designed a Laptop End Table to help you use technology in your living space without clutter or unnecessary wires.  The tabletop is hinged and opens up to a storage compartment, so you can access your technology when you need it and put it away when you don’t.

Buena-Vista-MSC-laptop end table_branded

Thanks for stopping by here at Bush Furniture.  We’re powering down for now, but stay tuned for a new blog post soon!  In the meantime, let us know if the Buena Vista Collection solved your technology woes!


Paper Problems

I remember having papers everywhere in our house when I was younger, or so it seemed.  Amongst all the mail, newspapers, and magazines, everything had its place…except that place was never very organized.

For years, I never actively contemplated a solution to “the paper problem.”  I soon had my own place to live and pieces of paper that I didn’t know how to handle.  I would even temporarily hide the offending material in my bedroom when guests came over, then promptly return it to its former location after they left.  One of my friends ultimately caught me in the act, and amidst my guilt she helped me realize it was time to change my habits around.

Thus began the furniture search.  I always thought filing cabinets were unattractive metal cases ant took fifty people to move them.  Durable as they were, that was not my style.  I needed something attractive, inside and out, that would entice me to use it.  After desperately scouring the internet for storage options that were either not made of ultra-durable plastic or looked like they walked straight out of the 70s, I struck gold: Bush Furniture’s Buena Vista Collection!

First, I needed something strong to hold my massive amounts of paper.  The Buena Vista Lateral File was the ideal, logical solution to that problem.  It has two large file drawers that hold up to letter- and legal-sized paper, so I could file things no matter what size they were.  In the Madison Cherry finish, it’s also a visually appealing addition in my living room.


Once I got my filing in order, organization and home décor suddenly became my side project.  I wanted another place to put books and even display some photos, because my bookcase had fallen apart years ago.  The Buena Vista 6-Cube Storage was clearly the best decision; without taking up too much space, I had a beautiful way to showcase both my books and memories.


And, after all of that, I took a big step and bought the Buena Vista Writing Desk.  By then, I was so organized I became fearless!  I knew I could keep a desk clean if I kept my mind to it.  This desk is particularly sleek and stunning, motivating me to use it often as well.

Buena-Vista-writing desk_branded

With some simple furniture changes, I turned my life around.  You, too, can become clutter-free with Bush Furniture.  Tell us how the Buena Vista Collection solved your paper problems and organization issues!

Paper Problems

Tips To Make You Love Your Office

Hello, welcome back. Now everyone understands there are limitations to simply using what‘s available or making do with what you have today. It’s time to think about your future and how you can master the basics to being productive and happy in your office space. Don’t let work become a job. Make your office into a place you love coming to each and every morning. Here are a few helpful storage tips to building a long term relationship with your workspace.

How do you work?
Your productivity and motivation can suffer when important information cannot be found. Stop saying “Where did I put that report, it was just here”. It’s hard to place “create a tidy work space” on the top of your priority list, but do it now and do it first. Make an outline of the types of materials you use daily and some of the routine parts of your job. Do you keep files online or do you need to reference printed reports? Do you want to maintain a library of published professional research or do you need a room divider to create privacy for your office?

Be Organized
Once you analyze how you work, we can help you with storage solutions. Grand Expression Mobile Pedestal provides you with drawer storage and file space, while fitting under your desk surface.KI Grand Expressions_KI20112-03

Another option is the Achieve Collection Lateral File Printer Stand storage which helps keep you organized with work in progress compartments, space for books, plus offers an integrated file drawer to store your project folders in when you’re done. Place your printer or fax on top of the work surface and you’ve combined three types of storage into one very functional piece of furniture.Achieve Collection_branded

If one file drawer won’t provide you enough storage space, consider the Cabot Lateral FileIt has ample storage to keep your work surface clutter free as you get started in creating an organized office. ewr

Check out the Aero 16-Cube Bookcase/Room Divider for a movable furniture solution to create privacy in a home office that is connected to open living spaces. Aero Collection_MY16103-03

Now click on Think Storage.  Discover the wonderful world of Filing to learn more about the different types of furniture and storage components that can help you to get organized.

Now that you have some good ideas on how to keep your office neat and organized, next time we’ll focus on why comfort matters.

Tips To Make You Love Your Office