No More Apartment Apathy!

Recently, we wrote a post about decorating your college dorm, and how formative that part of life is throughout your college career. If living in a dorm is a coming of age moment, shutterstock_76358908however, I would argue that transitioning from that dorm into your first apartment is even more of a foray into adult life than living in the dorms is.

In the dorms, there are still some things that are closely regulated by your RA…like when quiet hours occur, whether or not you can have candles or even Christmas lights in your room, and being reprimanded for boiling water on your small coffee maker because you aren’t allowed a hot plate. Apartments, at least in my experience, are a completely different story. Without as many rules and regulations, college students are thrust into a brave, new, exciting, and simultaneously scary way of life. When I signed my first lease, I was barely nineteen and very nervous to be signing my life away/ensuring I could pay rent for the coming year. However, it worked out and suddenly I had two beautiful roommates, a large room, new bed, and a whole lot of decorating to do!

shutterstock_270871793Even as an apartment newbie, I desperately wanted my apartment to look good. This was in contrast to some of my peers, who often had a general sense of apathy about what their living spaces looked like. Maybe their philosophy was that they wouldn’t be living there for that long, it took too much time to put some effort into decorating (even cleaning, in some instances), or maybe they just weren’t into posters. shutterstock_287373770While first apartments often contain a lot of mismatched plates, secondhand couches, and artwork displaying celebrities in your favorite movies, whatever you add I think it’s important to put some effort in and make the new space your own. Don’t forget your favorite chachkies!

Here at Bush Furniture, we’d like to help you design and enjoy your first apartment. Maybe you’d like your apartment to be a warm, inviting atmosphere with a modern flair. If you need some extra storage space in any room or are running low on closets, check out the Buena Vista 2-Door Tall Storage Unit. You can store your towels, put off-season clothes away, or keep books and papers inside that you hope to keep out of sight:BV 2-Door Tall StorageFor a home ambiance with traditional appeal, try the Cabot L-Desk and Hutch that will help you establish a place to get your work done and organize all your files.

Cabot Collection

Finally, if you have a more contemporary style and are planning to set up a home office in your apartment, the Aero Writing Desk puts a sleek aesthetic face to hard work. It can also double as a convenient surface for you and your roommates to put the mail or set things down when you first get home.

Aero Writing Desk

A little effort can go a long way in making your first apartment feel homey and comfortable, whether you’re studying alone or have friends that come to hang out. If this blog leaves you feeling inspired, check out our Pinterest Board for some more ideas about first apartment organization! Do you have any decorating tips of your own? Share with us in the comments section below!

No More Apartment Apathy!

Movie Nights

MOVIE_NIGHT1Any evening is a good time to have movie night when you’re watching the right film. This can be done during any season, and for any reason. Movies are there to keep us company and provide a relaxing way to spend time with family and friends. I have very fond memories of staying up late to watch movies with my mother in the summer; this is when I first remember seeing films like Apollo 13 and Dirty Dancing. I also saw my all-time favorite movie at this time of year: Almost Famous, a movie about a fifteen-year-old rock journalist who follows a band around the country in the 1970s.

Maybe you’ve seen those movies and you know what I’m talking about. Here at Bush Furniture, we’re providing you with the red carpet treatment so you can have an awesome time watching movies with your family and friends. We know these experiences aren’t just about the movies, but the overall setting: where are you when you’re watching? A theater, your couch, the drive-in? Who’s with you? Let Bush Furniture help you create the ultimate movie night experience in your own home with our wide variety of Audio/Bookcase Cabinets and TV Stands. Get ready to invite some people over and curl up with some popcorn!MOVIE_NIGHT3

The Buena Vista Collection has a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing furniture so you can house all your technology attractively. The TV Stand comes in Antique Cherry and Serene Cherry finishes so you can pick the one that best coordinates with your existing home décor. Display your 50” flat screen TV (up to 117 lbs.) and conceal gaming systems and cable boxes behind fluted glass doors. Supplement your TV Stand with the Buena Vista Audio Cabinet, where you can store a surround sound system controller, other electronic devices, and DVDs.

BV TV Stand      BV Audio Cabinet

For a more traditional aesthetic, the Stanford Collection TV Stand and Audio Cabinet blend a classic appearance with contemporary function so you can maximize your living room’s entertainment potential.

Stanford Entertainment

If you prefer a sleeker look, the Aero Collection TV Stand in black or white conceals your technology and cleanly showcases all your media needs.

Aero TV Stand

We’ll help you convert your living or family room into an academy ward-winning destination for your family and friends. Now, the show’s about to start…turn off your cell phone and let the movie sweep you away on an adventure.

Movie Nights