Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

kids getting on bus

Now that school is back in session, it’s time to think about improving and refining your good study habits. Here at Bush Furniture, we have a couple suggestions to help you or your children get on track and stay focused on what they’re learning no matter what.

First, as was mentioned in our recent back-to-school blog, find a great place to getBuena Vista Corner Desk_branded
work done. Bush Furniture has many desk options in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any space or workplace habit. Maybe you’re a person who needs to spread out and make a mess until your thoughts are organized and you can clean up again. In that case, choose an L-Desk with a lot of surface area that lets you do your work without feeling constrained. In contrast, if you feel you work more cleanly or are looking for a desk with a smaller space, try a Single Pedestal Desk that gives you plenty of room and storage options without overwhelming your living space.


It’s also important to have a place to keep papers. This was always a struggle when I was growing up. My parents had large drawers that my sibling and I would fill with school papers periodically, only to throw them out once and awhile because we didn’t need everything we saved. If you sort papers well at the time and save only the most important ones, you will most likely have more space to keep them long term. Look into our 2- and 3-Drawer Pedestals for convenient file drawers, or a lateral file so your paper storage can go the extra mile.

Filing Collage

No mBookcases collageatter what age you or your children are, reading is important. Bush Furniture’s Bookcases are ideal for storing any books attractively, so you can organize your personal library and add to it whenever possible. If you’re not reading, think you should be, but for whatever reason just can’t find the motivation, take a look at this article by writer Hugh McGuire:

Reading and focus are two things that are central to good study habits, but in the 21st century many of us seem to lack the ability to do either well. McGuire posits that people these days can’t read–or, for that matter, focus well at all–because they are so easily distracted by everything electronic around them. With texts, emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, Pins, Instagram updates, and Google at our fingertips, it’s too easy to get caught up in all the electronic buzz and remain lost in it for seconds, minutes, hours…whether you are five or sixty-five years old. He attributes this to the dopamine rush our brains get each time we check our phones or social media for any notifications or sign of being wanted in the electronic world. He has managed to wean himself from that dependency, even though he admitted it’s been difficult, and been able to focus so much more as a result.

Social Media table

[I tried to write the vast majority of this post in Microsoft Word full screen mode after reading the article, in attempt not to be hypocritical and continue checking my email or phone during the process. It’s hard, though. I’m fighting the urge right now.]

Therefore, if you want to keep good study/focus habits and encourage your children or others around you to as well, try and limit your consumption of electronic data on a regular basis. Then, outfit your home with the appropriate furniture and let us help! If you have any thoughts or tips on how to focus, we’d love to hear about them. Leave your comments below!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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