Long, Golden Rays of Summer Days

day lilyOnce again, the end of August is upon us. I recently wrote a blog about going back to school, and I can’t believe it’s that time again. If you’ve been around the area this summer at all, I hope you’ve been taking advantage of the many fun things the western New York region has to offer! We have wineries, trails, festivals, concerts, other shows, and two lakes where people can boat or simply enjoy being by the water. I grew up in Chautauqua County and fondly remember chasing hot air balloons around with my parents and sister on hot evenings; summer is a beautiful time of year in this part of the state. (Check out the Chautauqua County Visitor’s Bureau website for more information about what to do in the region!)

In conjunction with copious things to do, places to go, and people to see, this region is home to Chautauqua Institution. After nine weeks of intensive programming, lectures, and religious dialogue, everything will conclude this coming Sunday night with the Chautauqua’s IMG_4597President’s traditional speech, and then the customary three taps of the gavel. Despite everything to look forward to this fall, including apple cider, sweater weather, changing leaves, and spending time with family/friends, it can be difficult to leave places like Chautauqua or abandon the summer activities you’ve enjoyed during these warm months.

On behalf of everyone at Bush, we wish you good days as you conclude your summer and drift toward autumn. As an integral part of the community and Jamestown’s fascinating furniture legacy, Bush Industries is proud to be located here in the western New York region year-round. As the season changes, we hope you consider us for your back-to-school and autumn decoration ideas. For now, enjoy the remaining lazy, hazy, crazy days, and know that next year’s warm breezes are never too far away. On behalf of the team here at Bush, we hope you’ve been having a very good summer!

Long, Golden Rays of Summer Days

No More Apartment Apathy!

Recently, we wrote a post about decorating your college dorm, and how formative that part of life is throughout your college career. If living in a dorm is a coming of age moment, shutterstock_76358908however, I would argue that transitioning from that dorm into your first apartment is even more of a foray into adult life than living in the dorms is.

In the dorms, there are still some things that are closely regulated by your RA…like when quiet hours occur, whether or not you can have candles or even Christmas lights in your room, and being reprimanded for boiling water on your small coffee maker because you aren’t allowed a hot plate. Apartments, at least in my experience, are a completely different story. Without as many rules and regulations, college students are thrust into a brave, new, exciting, and simultaneously scary way of life. When I signed my first lease, I was barely nineteen and very nervous to be signing my life away/ensuring I could pay rent for the coming year. However, it worked out and suddenly I had two beautiful roommates, a large room, new bed, and a whole lot of decorating to do!

shutterstock_270871793Even as an apartment newbie, I desperately wanted my apartment to look good. This was in contrast to some of my peers, who often had a general sense of apathy about what their living spaces looked like. Maybe their philosophy was that they wouldn’t be living there for that long, it took too much time to put some effort into decorating (even cleaning, in some instances), or maybe they just weren’t into posters. shutterstock_287373770While first apartments often contain a lot of mismatched plates, secondhand couches, and artwork displaying celebrities in your favorite movies, whatever you add I think it’s important to put some effort in and make the new space your own. Don’t forget your favorite chachkies!

Here at Bush Furniture, we’d like to help you design and enjoy your first apartment. Maybe you’d like your apartment to be a warm, inviting atmosphere with a modern flair. If you need some extra storage space in any room or are running low on closets, check out the Buena Vista 2-Door Tall Storage Unit. You can store your towels, put off-season clothes away, or keep books and papers inside that you hope to keep out of sight:BV 2-Door Tall StorageFor a home ambiance with traditional appeal, try the Cabot L-Desk and Hutch that will help you establish a place to get your work done and organize all your files.

Cabot Collection

Finally, if you have a more contemporary style and are planning to set up a home office in your apartment, the Aero Writing Desk puts a sleek aesthetic face to hard work. It can also double as a convenient surface for you and your roommates to put the mail or set things down when you first get home.

Aero Writing Desk

A little effort can go a long way in making your first apartment feel homey and comfortable, whether you’re studying alone or have friends that come to hang out. If this blog leaves you feeling inspired, check out our Pinterest Board for some more ideas about first apartment organization! Do you have any decorating tips of your own? Share with us in the comments section below!

No More Apartment Apathy!

Go Back to School with Bush Furniture


This has been a beautiful summer thus far in Western New York! With lots of sunny days and comfortable temperatures, everyone has been able to enjoy their time with friends and family to the fullest extent. As these days slip gracefully into fall, however, it will be time to think about going back to school. Stores are already thrilled about pushing their back-to-school discounts, and children are getting excited about their new school supply lists.

When I was young, these lists were often printed and sent to office supply stores around the area so we would know what our teachers wanted us to buy. Despite how much I loved summer, I remained consistently excited about purchasing my own new school things. In particular, I loved getting pretty colored folders and notebooks that I hoped would hold up throughout the year.  shutterstock_163556519

Most importantly, aside from the cursory notebooks, pens, and pencils, children need a comfortable place to do their work at home. Establishing consistency in a designated “homework spot” helps get them into a routine and be diligent about completing their work, even from an early age. Without having to shift papers and projects off the dining room table when it comes time to eat,  (Stay tuned for a further blog about good study habits!)

We know you value your child’s education, and we hope your children value it, too. Let Bush Furniture assist you by giving your kids a dependable workspace. With a wide range of desks for any space size and home décor, you are sure to find one to suit your family’s needs at reasonable prices. The Salinas Desk and Hutch are a perfect starter set for your den or office area:

  Salinas Collection 2

For small spaces and a clean look, try the Buena Vista Writing Desk:

BV Writing Desk

Finally, the Alamosa Ladder Desk gives your child a conventional and
fun space to do their homework:

Alamosa Collection 2

We know this is a time of mixed emotions…thrill at returning to school to see friends, sadness and nostalgia over summer’s conclusion, and some potential relief on parents’ parts. No matter what you’re feeling, establishing that sense of consistency will help keep you grounded. Make a Bush Furniture desk part of your back-to-school shopping, and study hard!

Go Back to School with Bush Furniture

What Happened in Vegas…?

…From our perspective, a lot. And, for once, we’d like to tell you about it!


T~1217908he Las Vegas World Market occurs twice a year, in January and August. This trade show is a prime opportunity for Bush Furniture to showcase its products, facilitate company growth, and gauge what direction to take regarding sales and new products going forward. This is an exciting time for our staff as we have face-to-face conversations with dealers and customers about our products and get to interact on such an immediate basis.

This year, our showroom moved to a new location! Our crew worked very hard to prepare our beautiful new and slightly smaller space when they arrived in Las Vegas in late July. Connie Marucci, a Bush E-Commerce Account Manager, stated, “The new showroom was certainly received well by all. The smaller footprint allowed us to focus on the new products and concepts, with less footsteps giving us more time to discuss and develop growth opportunities.” Mark Weppner, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Design, and Engineering was also very impressed with how the new showroom came together and was optimistic about how it would effect Bush Furniture’s show presence going forward.


One of the most fun parts of our show is showcasing several of our new product collections!

The Broadview Collection combines pieces for living spaces and home offices
in one inviting, comfortable collection.


In an old-world style with endless charm and function, the
Yorktown Collection is the perfect choice for a new home workspace.


With an Arts and Crafts influence, the Prairie Collection captures the Midwestern openness and attitude with convenient storage and ample work surface options.


Ironworks is uniquely defined by iron legs and a wood-worn look.


Although the Las Vegas World Market Show is primarily where we showcase our home furniture products, this year we were so excited about some new Bush Business Furniture items we just had to bring them along! Our new line, Series C Elite, is highly functional and can be configured for a variety of office spaces depending on the user’s specific needs. Further, we’ve designed Height Adjustable Tables for an even more comfortable and ergonomic work experience. You can shop both of these collections and so much more at Bush Business Furniture’s website.

IMG_0765   IMG_0759

Congratulations to this year’s Apple Gift Card winner! Jim Solomon participated in our contest this Market and was awarded $600 towards an Apple Watch or other Apple product of choice. Jim’s company, Solomon Furniture, is an existing Bush customer, and we are very pleased to announce him as our winner!

Thank you for stopping by this virtual excerpt of our new showroom debut at the Las Vegas World Market. Hope to see you at the next show!


What Happened in Vegas…?

Summer Sales

shutterstock_110827829The summer sun is beating down, and that means it’s prime time for garage sales! If you grew up in a small town like me, you inevitably see large, enthusiastic signs on the weekends to advertise these events: “Garage Sale: Newland Ave., Sat-Sun,” “YARD SALE HERE TODAY,” or even the simple approach of “SALE.” There is great ambiguity surrounding the terms used to describe these sales, which my sibling never fails to mention: “But WHY is it a yard sale if it’s indoors?!,” or, “Don’t they know it’s in their garage and not the house itself?!” Nevertheless, these events are a summer staple for people who love discovering diamonds in the rough.

Once you finally get to this sale, whatever it’s called, there’s the question of what you may or may not buy. Maybe you’re one of those people who is exceptionally good at scoping the shutterstock_54125911sale out to find small gems, valuable antiques, or exactly what you hoped to give your mother-in-law as a gift. Maybe you’re not, and you’re lucky to come away with a decent wooden cigar box once and awhile. This hunting about is, from where I’m shopping, a cultivated art form; it takes time to learn what’s worth buying.

At Bush, we won’t make you pick through a whole slew of things to find what you’re really wanting. Instead, take a look at some of the things we have marked down this summer so you can outfit your living room or home office without rummaging at a neighborhood sale.

The Kathy Ireland Grand Expressions Collection features a number of beautiful home accent pieces, all of which are currently for sale at discounted prices. The pictured end tables and coffee table below come in a set and are just one of the many ways you can create convenient surfaces in your home.Grand Expressions Three Tables

Additionally, perhaps you are looking to create or revamp your home office this summer, but space is a little tight. Try one of our small desks with technology integration, so you can work comfortably and hide computer wires or phone chargers at the same time.

Warwick Small Desk

Maybe if you’ve been visiting all those garage sales, you need some help getting your new belongings organized. Our Kathy Ireland collapsible storage bins are a stylish and practical addition to any home office.KI storage bin_2

We hope you take advantage of these summer clearance items here at Bush! Also, if you still choose to shop around your neighborhood this summer for some great garage sale deals, let us know how it goes in the comments section below. Happy shopping!

Summer Sales

“I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You:” the Art of Writing Letters

stampsI love writing letters, even in this world of fast-paced communicative technology. When I was a child, I enjoyed having pen pals or getting postcards from my best friend wherever she happened to be traveling. There’s a certain mysticism about the whole process, as your thoughts in that brief moment become words or drawings on paper and you send that document to another place. One of my favorite parts is the act of putting the letter in its envelope and knowing, barring extraneous circumstances, the person who will next touch that piece of paper is your willing and excited reader.

About five years ago, now, one of my college friends spent most of her summer working as a camp counselor. For the eight weeks or so she was there, we kept in touch mostly through weekly letters to one another. This was not really because reception was bad where she was, or that we were both busy and didn’t have lots of time to talk; we wrote because we wanted to. She and I are both writers, so writing once weekly seemed very easy on both counts. I found we both took our time and were able to actually communicate better because we were so focused on not only relaying life news and events, but our deeper thoughts and emotions as well.

shutterstock_9923407Since then, I haven’t written letters to anyone regularly. However, I was on vacation recently and decided to write the same friend a letter for old time’s sake. The process felt warmly familiar as I sat down at an old wooden writing desk (not a bed or a couch or somewhere where I’d fall asleep too easily) and pored my thoughts out on paper. Through my words and nostalgia, I found myself wishing she could mail herself to me. That’s one thing technology still hasn’t been able to master. We can take planes, trains, cars, and more to get to the people we love, but we still can’t teleport or even hop in our own little hovercraft and go where we please. Maybe will get there someday, but for now we have texts and emails, phones and FaceTime, and old-fashioned letters.

Bush Furniture still sells writing desks that are perfect for harkening back to those beautiful letter-writing days. Hopefully one will inspire you to take some time, sit down, and write to somebody you care about. Even if you’re not really sure about getting in touch with anybody like that, or you might just have poor handwriting, consider using one of our Writing Desks as an accent piece in your living room or family room to display photos and flowers. Perhaps one of these desks will spark your creativity in some way, especially if it involves finding a way for humans to finally engage in post office travel. As the late songwriter Woody Guthrie once wrote, “I’m gonna mail myself to you.”shutterstock_83033344

“I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You:” the Art of Writing Letters