Movie Nights

MOVIE_NIGHT1Any evening is a good time to have movie night when you’re watching the right film. This can be done during any season, and for any reason. Movies are there to keep us company and provide a relaxing way to spend time with family and friends. I have very fond memories of staying up late to watch movies with my mother in the summer; this is when I first remember seeing films like Apollo 13 and Dirty Dancing. I also saw my all-time favorite movie at this time of year: Almost Famous, a movie about a fifteen-year-old rock journalist who follows a band around the country in the 1970s.

Maybe you’ve seen those movies and you know what I’m talking about. Here at Bush Furniture, we’re providing you with the red carpet treatment so you can have an awesome time watching movies with your family and friends. We know these experiences aren’t just about the movies, but the overall setting: where are you when you’re watching? A theater, your couch, the drive-in? Who’s with you? Let Bush Furniture help you create the ultimate movie night experience in your own home with our wide variety of Audio/Bookcase Cabinets and TV Stands. Get ready to invite some people over and curl up with some popcorn!MOVIE_NIGHT3

The Buena Vista Collection has a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing furniture so you can house all your technology attractively. The TV Stand comes in Antique Cherry and Serene Cherry finishes so you can pick the one that best coordinates with your existing home décor. Display your 50” flat screen TV (up to 117 lbs.) and conceal gaming systems and cable boxes behind fluted glass doors. Supplement your TV Stand with the Buena Vista Audio Cabinet, where you can store a surround sound system controller, other electronic devices, and DVDs.

BV TV Stand      BV Audio Cabinet

For a more traditional aesthetic, the Stanford Collection TV Stand and Audio Cabinet blend a classic appearance with contemporary function so you can maximize your living room’s entertainment potential.

Stanford Entertainment

If you prefer a sleeker look, the Aero Collection TV Stand in black or white conceals your technology and cleanly showcases all your media needs.

Aero TV Stand

We’ll help you convert your living or family room into an academy ward-winning destination for your family and friends. Now, the show’s about to start…turn off your cell phone and let the movie sweep you away on an adventure.

Movie Nights

Summer Reading

Is reading part of your summer plans?


Summer is one of the best times of the year to kick back with a good book. It’s warm so you can sit outside and enjoy the weather, especially if you have a hammock! In this day and age, there are so many options as to what to read and the means by which those things are read. Maybe you’re a history buff and you want to read about the beginnings of jazz, or you’re interested in escaping from this world into others like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Or still, you keep up with the news then you can pick up a newspaper or get one of many apps that will provide up-to-the-minute world updates. All this and so much more can be consumed electronically or in hard copy, depending on your preferences. You can also listen to audiobooks whenever it suits you. The options are endless, truly.shutterstock_132056054

Summer reading in particular is wonderful and enlightening, whether it’s through a program, assigned reading for school, or simply at your leisure. Chautauqua County does a particularly good job encouraging its residents to read, especially at this time of year. When I was young, I participated in summer reading programs through the Prendergast Library; their efforts have been very fruitful in enticing children to read, and they have done so much for the local community as a result. Additionally, the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (CLSC) at Chautauqua Institution chooses nine adult books and nine children’s books to highlight every summer as part of a longstanding tradition to encourage lifelong learning through reading.

If you’re an avid reader, it’s time to either start or revamp your library space. Choose from Bush Furniture’s wide array of bookcases to design the optimal way to display your reading materials while keeping them safe and organized. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your collection, budget, and dreams of creating the perfect reading area. Whether you’re searching for a more traditional approach to shelving or a smaller unit for a child’s room, we can accommodate.

Our collection of Universal Bookcases are ideal for home and office scenarios:Universal Bookcases

The Buena Vista 6-Cube Bookcase fits perfectly in many living areas, big or small, and can store books or attractively display photos.BV6-cubestorage

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to start or continue your summer reading! Thanks for stopping by, as always, and investigate for a complete overview of all bookcase options.

Summer Reading

The Jamestown Furniture Industry

I’ve met a lot of Jamestown newcomers lately, and many of them want to know what makes this place special and/or important. I’ve found myself discussing Chautauqua Institution, Governor Fenton’s home, the R.H. Jackson Center, Lucille Ball/the Comedy Center, and of course Chautauqua Lake itself. Up until recently, I hadn’t included the furniture industry in this list. Now, I am.

The furniture industry in Jamestown has become a subject near and dear to my heart, as I am now part of this important legacy. Bush Industries was established here in Jamestown as part of the city’s longstanding furniture tradition. We were founded in the 1950s, which actually makes us one of the newest furniture companies in the area. This is a very brief overview of Jamestown and its furniture industry, but helps paint a picture of this city’s landscape prior to and throughout the 20th century.

In the early 1800s, Jamestown’s proximity to Chautauqua Lake and the Chadakoin River directly effected the village’s manufacturing capabilities. To illustrate, trees around the lake could be easily cut down and shipped down the river into Jamestown without needing horses and wagons to haul materials long distances: “The opening of the Erie Canal made it possible for goods to come to Jamestown by way of Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake. This improved the importation of goods and settlers considerably.”[1]

JSTN Waterfront

[Pictured: lumber stacked up along the Chadakoin River in Jamestown[2]]

Thus, Jamestown became a furniture boomtown, and companies were quite literally coming out of the woodwork. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia noted that, among food processing and machine manufacture, furniture manufacturing was one of Jamestown’s “chief industries.”[3] In a book titled Images of America: Jamestown, it explains that most furniture industry workers before the turn of the 20th century were Swedish and expert wood and metal craftsman before they immigrated to the United States.[4] Once those people moved to the area, their expertise was quickly realized in the furniture business.

By the early 20th century, the industry had become so popular that a Furniture Mart was built in town to showcase these companies’ products twice a year. Many other cities were building similar buildings around the same time, indicating Jamestown’s prominence in furniture manufacturing. The community was so friendly while hosting these shows that it was said they were in the “friendship business,” and enough people came to the exhibits that it necessitated building the Hotel Jamestown.[5] The Furniture Mart still exists today on the corner of Washington and W 2nd streets and is used as office space. The Hotel Jamestown still stands as an apartment building with some small businesses, a radio station, and the Crystal Ballroom downstairs on W 3rd.

Furniture Mart_1920s

[The Jamestown Furniture Mart, c. 1920 [6]]

These companies produced specialized goods, making them extremely popular in their heyday. Art Metal made large metal filing cabinets that can still be found all over the United States. Jamestown Lounge crafted beautiful home furniture that many people collect now. The American Furniture Company, Jamestown Royal Upholstery, Crawford Furniture, Gage Furniture Company, Taylor Table Company, and Fancher Chair all held an important place in the market…and that is only the beginning of the list.

In doing research for this blog post, it is undeniable that this town has changed dramatically since people started shipping lumber on the lake and down the river. Jamestown’s focus has shifted to accommodate changing times, but Bush is still here crafting high-quality, commercial-grade furniture. Visit our website, and check back here for some future discussions about furniture in this region.

OpenHouse 2014

[Bush Industries employees outside Jamestown, NY facility – Oct 2014]

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The Jamestown Furniture Industry

Introducing the Yorktown Collection

Research suggests peoples’ environments directly correlate to what they think and how they feel every day. Creating a productive, happy, comfortable space often comes from your furniture choices and organization. In Chinese philosophy this concept is called feng shui, or how energy flows. Taking feng shui into account involves considering how furniture placement relates to doors and windows to establish that flow.

Maybe you’re hearing all of this and dreaming about a beautiful and functional place were you can work at home, but you don’t want to compromise space or your home’s ambiance. Yorktown Corner DeskFortunately, there’s a way to achieve a sense of balance and completeness in your living area: Bush Furniture introduces the Yorktown collection, a new furniture family with a Craftsman feel to help you create the office you’ve been dreaming about.

Yorktown pieces all come in an Antique Cherry finish and have a naturally distressed look to appear well worn. This effect automatically gives furniture a homier feel. The dark finish also blends in with deep and neutral tones so it is especially easy to pair with existing furniture.

Do you lack a designated office space at home? Don’t worry. The Yorktown Collection gives you the option of a Single Pedestal Desk, Corner Desk, or L-Desk so you can pick the configuration that will work best for you.

Additionally, this collection helps you improve your home organization methods. All Yorktown Desks have open and closed storage for you to keep supplies and papers exactly where you want them. The collection is also quite versatile, so the accompanying Lateral File and Bookcase both serve as standalone storage options or pair perfectly with a Desk and Hutch.

Discover home office furniture that encompasses a sense of comfort with clean lines and contemporary features. With the appeal of craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next, you can start your own tradition with the Yorktown collection. Learn more here on our website, and visit to view all our products.

Yorktown L-Desk

Introducing the Yorktown Collection