Sparkling White

Sometimes there’s just nothing like the feeling of drifting off to sleep cuddled amongst white, clean sheets! Or walking into a room that has a striking white piece of furniture in it to immediately catch your eye…right? White is incredibly popular when it comes to decorating living spaces, but how come?

Many people might associate white furniture in their home with purity, innocence, cleanliness, or clarity. Others may view it as stark and shocking. For a lot of reasons, white furniture hypothetically goes with everything. According to the laws of physics, white light incorporates all the colors of the rainbow. (Black, its contrast, is actually the complete absence of color.) Therefore, white can coordinate with all warm and cool colors depending on its shade and quantity in the room. That’s why people probably feel comfortable strategically choosing a piece of white furniture in their home.

I rented a place once that had what I’m still convinced is the world’s most comfortable white couch. Dear Reader, if you have ever had a white couch or known someone that has had a white couch, you may have just experienced a sharp intake of breath combined with a panicked thought of “Oh no, oh no, oh no, did I just spill something?!” Believe me, there were some VERY near misses, but we managed to keep the couch completely stain-free for a whole year. Bit of a balancing act, really…

Dancing Sheep…I digress. My roommate and I loved our white couch because it was the most neutral piece of furniture in the room and allowed us to put a variety of brightly colored artwork up on the walls. Simultaneously, it brought character to the space. In fact, my ultimate success with white furniture the first time makes me want to purchase it in the future!

If you’re looking to redecorate your home or are moving in somewhere for the first time, Bush Furniture can help you out no matter where you’re headed. We have a variety of furniture in white, including the Kathy Ireland New York Skyline Collection for a crisp and modern approach to home office furniture. Our Aero Collection also has a variety of storage options in white if you’re looking for a way to stay organized.

Maybe all of this sounds great, and you’d like to spruce up your business office with white furniture. Start here with the Momentum Collection by Bush Business Furniture so you can feel comfortable and productive in your work environment.

Have we helped you with some design ideas? Why do you like incorporating white into your home décor? Share with us in this blog’s comments!

Sparkling White

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