Small Spaces=Fun Places

There are a number of advantages to small space living.  Many people prefer to live in small spaces as opposed to bigger homes.  Whether you are just starting out or have chosen to downsize, it is especially important that you feel relaxed and comfortable whatever your small space circumstances are.

New York fire escapes

City life is often analogous to small space living.  Many people often live in apartments because they are abundant and suggest a certain appealing urban lifestyle.  Additionally, those smaller spaces can be more cost effective depending on neighborhood, how many roommates one might have, and square footage.  However, the desire to live simply also now extends beyond apartments.  Tiny homes are a recent phenomenon, and these minuscule, yet beautiful dwellings are becoming desirable places to live.

Tiny House

In apartments and small homes, it is generally easier to keep living areas clean because there’s less upkeep involved.  Doing a “quick sweep” of all the living areas really does happen quickly with less ground to cover.  Along the same lines, it’s more difficult to accumulate large amounts of clutter when there’s no place to keep it.

Staying organized if you live in a small space is paramount.  Even messier people need places to keep everything so they know exactly where it is.  In considering storage where space is at a premium, it’s important to consider effectiveness, versatility, and cost.  You may want to use all available space in a smaller room, or simply do your best to eliminate messes in pesky areas.  Fortunately, Bush Furniture can help you stay organized whether you need to maximize minimal space or clean up specific areas in your home.

Choose unique bookcases to put your favorite reading materials and display photos in any living space, or a laptop end table as a multipurpose room accent and storage area:


Check out Bush Furniture’s complete collection of storage options here.

Additionally, our small space desks can be found on so you can accomplish important work at home, no matter the size of your office:


Rather than being cramped and cluttered, opt to feel comfortable. Small space living is a lifestyle choice, so choose Bush Furniture to help you outfit your little home.

Small Spaces=Fun Places

Build Furniture…and Relationships!

My partner and I hung a pegboard together once. This involved some measurements in the garage and a trip to Home Depot, but before I knew it we were collaborating on a rather extensive DIY project. I’m not much of a furniture person or a builder, but my partner was. She looked at me as we finally got the pegboard hung and said “I’m so glad we got to do this together.”

Up to that point, I hadn’t thought much about what putting furniture together could mean for a relationship, specifically mine. But as we got into the project, I realized it was important that we could work as a team and create something for our mutual benefit. The pegboard was only a welcome result of an opportunity to do something productive and fulfilling together.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned a large furniture manufacturer has recently noticed a common trend among couples that come to the store and purchase their furniture. The trend? Well…they fight about what they’re buying. A lot. Entering furniture mecca and making decisions can be daunting, especially considering everyone’s varying opinions and excitement levels in the moment. According to the article, furniture shopping has become a festering breeding ground for those types of disagreements and difficult decisions.

My guess is that putting furniture together isn’t REALLY the main issue. The real problem is the complex act of constructing something together has become a metaphor for relationships themselves. It equates to detailed decision-making and remaining patient. Many parts of the process can reflect those issues in a life beyond expertly designed showroom walls. Furniture assembly might be a little naturally frustrating because it’s labor-intensive and involves fitting a number of small parts together somewhat awkwardly, but with some patience and humor it’s very possible to get through the process unscathed.

Those who cannot construct a new TV stand or couch together are not doomed to fail by any stretch. In fact, building a piece of furniture and talking about how to decorate your mutual living space is a great starting place to work on the larger issues you may be having as a couple. When my partner and I tackled the pegboard project, we were learning how to problem solve: somebody had to hold the board up while the other drilled holes in the wall, someone had to measure and make pencil marks to be sure we had the dimensions correct, and we both surveyed our work at the end to see if we had done everything correctly. It took us a few hours, but that was time that we got to spend together creating something that symbolized our willingness to join forces and literally build our partnership.

Working through problems with team-building activities like furniture assembly does not just apply to couples, it pertains to roommates and friends as well. Example: “Hey, you remember that one time we put our new desk and end tables together? You spilled your drink in the kitchen, and we got Chinese takeout because we were so tired from furniture shopping all day! That was a beautiful time, wasn’t it?” If you and the people with whom you live strategize your furniture purchases before you start to shop, your experience together will be all the better and more fulfilling…Allen wrenches and all.

Build Furniture…and Relationships!


Today, we are surrounded by high-end technology: our phones have become computers at our fingertips, our computers sleeker and faster than anyone could have dreamed twenty years ago, touch screens are works of art, and now even televisions can understand your voice.  Sometimes all this innovation is wonderful, others times it’s completely overwhelming.

No matter how much new technology we have, we still need a place to put it.  Often, it’s a challenge to seamlessly integrate technology into a living space.  In the 90s, many entertainment centers end up looking boxy and bare with wires everywhere.  Others were flowery and overdone, some a second mantelpiece.  And don’t forget, large VCRs and gaming systems need to go somewhere as well.

Fast forward to 2015: furniture has evolved as technology has.  Now, a variety of media options can exist for your home without detracting from your matching couch, chairs, and table you worked so hard to coordinate.  Bush Furniture wants to help you complete this goal, especially in the Buena Vista Collection.

Being unobtrusive is key: the Buena Vista TV Stand holds up to a 50”/112 lbs. television and comes in warm Madison Cherry and Serene Cherry finishes, so you can pair it perfectly with other home furniture.  Keep your media players behind low fluted glass cabinet doors, making them easily accessible and visually pleasing.

2 TV stands_branded

Additionally, audio-centric media has taken great steps forward.  The collection has an Audio Cabinet/Bookcase that makes a great addition to your living space as well.  Records have come back into style, primarily because they are vintage and produce incredible sound quality.  This cabinet is an ideal place to store vinyl albums because its shelves are adjustable to accommodate oversized objects.  Then your record player fits conveniently on the cabinet top.

Buena-Vista-MSC-audio cabinet_branded

One of the major features of 21st-century technology is portability.  Tablets and laptops are always becoming lighter and more efficient.  Bush Furniture designed a Laptop End Table to help you use technology in your living space without clutter or unnecessary wires.  The tabletop is hinged and opens up to a storage compartment, so you can access your technology when you need it and put it away when you don’t.

Buena-Vista-MSC-laptop end table_branded

Thanks for stopping by here at Bush Furniture.  We’re powering down for now, but stay tuned for a new blog post soon!  In the meantime, let us know if the Buena Vista Collection solved your technology woes!