Paper Problems

I remember having papers everywhere in our house when I was younger, or so it seemed.  Amongst all the mail, newspapers, and magazines, everything had its place…except that place was never very organized.

For years, I never actively contemplated a solution to “the paper problem.”  I soon had my own place to live and pieces of paper that I didn’t know how to handle.  I would even temporarily hide the offending material in my bedroom when guests came over, then promptly return it to its former location after they left.  One of my friends ultimately caught me in the act, and amidst my guilt she helped me realize it was time to change my habits around.

Thus began the furniture search.  I always thought filing cabinets were unattractive metal cases ant took fifty people to move them.  Durable as they were, that was not my style.  I needed something attractive, inside and out, that would entice me to use it.  After desperately scouring the internet for storage options that were either not made of ultra-durable plastic or looked like they walked straight out of the 70s, I struck gold: Bush Furniture’s Buena Vista Collection!

First, I needed something strong to hold my massive amounts of paper.  The Buena Vista Lateral File was the ideal, logical solution to that problem.  It has two large file drawers that hold up to letter- and legal-sized paper, so I could file things no matter what size they were.  In the Madison Cherry finish, it’s also a visually appealing addition in my living room.


Once I got my filing in order, organization and home décor suddenly became my side project.  I wanted another place to put books and even display some photos, because my bookcase had fallen apart years ago.  The Buena Vista 6-Cube Storage was clearly the best decision; without taking up too much space, I had a beautiful way to showcase both my books and memories.


And, after all of that, I took a big step and bought the Buena Vista Writing Desk.  By then, I was so organized I became fearless!  I knew I could keep a desk clean if I kept my mind to it.  This desk is particularly sleek and stunning, motivating me to use it often as well.

Buena-Vista-writing desk_branded

With some simple furniture changes, I turned my life around.  You, too, can become clutter-free with Bush Furniture.  Tell us how the Buena Vista Collection solved your paper problems and organization issues!

Paper Problems

Design Your Ideal Office

Designing your ideal office is not easy.  Luckily, we can provide the quality furniture you’re looking for and some tips on arranging your office!  Our tips will help you extenuate your office’s finer points and turn those prospective clients into long term customers.

No customer wants to meander their way around desks and chairs to get their seat.  Our first tip is designating a clear path through your office.  This tip also aligns with the no wasted space principle.  Don’t stick furniture in your office just because; give it purpose.  It should have a meticulous arrangement and function.  Our Cabot collection is a very good example of this idea.  You have your desk, filing drawers, bookcases, and a hutch, each with its own design that fits together like a puzzle.  This brings us to our second tip.

Keep the room balanced!  If your desk is in the middle of the room, then putting bookcases and cabinets opposite sides of the wall will help balance the room.  A symmetrical and balanced floor plan is more aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.  Balancing your office comes down to more than just solid furniture.  It’s also about theme and color.  For example, the Cabot collection offers two distinct and classic colors, cherry harvest and Espresso Oak.  Pick the color that fits your general office theme.

Your office will not be complete without this final step.  Get rid of any office clutter.  Every book, certificate, and achievement should serve a purpose to show off your expertise and accomplishments.  This will convey a sense of confidence to clients and also employees.  We have numerous bookcases that will fit your style and taste.  This five shelf bookcase comes with lots of space and height so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

You could also opt for a more modern style of 6 cube bookcase.  01

One very popular model is the universal bookcase that holds binders and books.  Keep your law or medical books clean and organized but still in reach. 02

We even have a bookcase that looks beautiful next to plants and warm weather arrangements.  The Volcano Dusk bookcase is perfect to keep some things stored that you may not want visible but still close by.


Our tips should help you organize and update your office to accommodate any client.  The layout and Bush Furniture will say professional, experienced, and motivated.  There is nothing a prospective client likes more than knowing you’re motivated to help.  So give it to them today! We offer free shipping too!

Design Your Ideal Office

Design Your Ultimate Work Space

The ultimate work space is something every business professional imagines.  Everybody wants a stylish, comfortable and productive office.  Bush Furniture has the office desks, chairs, and cabinets to begin your offices transformation.  We’ll talk about some other products that can help you work. 1

The first step in designing your office is picking out the desk.  We recommend the Cabot corner desk.  The desk comes in a Harvest Cherry and Espresso Oak finishes.  The 60” of station workspace is perfect for being organized and reducing clutter.  In addition to its design and build, this desk comes integrated with wires for charging your mobile device or other computer accessories.

This iPad stand is perfect for keeping your iPad at viewing level while you type on your computer.  The charging cord can be fastened through the desk using our wire management system.  If your office lights are heavy on your eyes then a lamp on your desk is practical and necessary.  This lamp with a slim drum shade would go great with the espresso oak finish and your silver gadgets.  A computer, iPad, lamp, and your charged mobile and you are all set.  You’re definitely ready to work and crunch those numbers.

A top notch record keeping system separates good companies from great companies.  This Cabot file dresser is elegant with usable table space.  It can hold pictures and awards or a larger printer.  The drawers themselves are wide and deep for a good couple years’ worth of files.  Each drawer is set on ball-bearings for easy slide out access.  Store your letter or legal-sized documents safely and securely. 2

Professionals with that law degree, medical degree, or MBA are bound to need book shelves.  Bush furniture can help you out with our six Cube-Bookcase. Each cube can hold many hard cover books.  Our cube comes with integrated technology.  Any cubes that are not being used for medical journals or law books you can fill with pictures of your friends and family.  These minimalist picture frames are the perfect size for the cubes and to display normal sized photographs.

Visit our website for ideas and design your own office! We offer free shipping on our furniture.  Get ready to impress your clients and co-workers!

Design Your Ultimate Work Space